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August 2019 Twice Reborn’s Alpha Demo (which means a very early draft) will be available to play for FREE at conventions in both Dallas and San Antonio

8/16/19 Friday–8/18/19 Sunday: Twice Reborn will be shown as an ALPHA DEMO by GameFest (aka AnimeFest and AFest). Showings will be on the Fourth Floor of the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

*** 8/30/19 Friday [opening until 5pm] and 8/31/19 Saturday [opening until as late as we can] First Step Cinematics will be present at SanJapan in San Antonio at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center on the First Floor in Hall B with the other Indie Games. We’ll have the ALPHA DEMO there to play with up to five people listening at the same time.

We have two new trailers up!


Announcing our Cast for Twice Reborn (Visual Novel)
It’s been a while since First Step Cinematics last sent an update on our latest project. Twice Reborn is our Vampire-themed visual novel game. We wanted to introduce our voice actors (first link below). Expecting release late 2019 for English, and text translation is planned for Russian, Spanish and Chinese. Game will be built for the PC/Mac.

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Visual Novels are casual games that take a long narrative where the player chooses the story’s outcome.


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